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Mixed Flow and In-Line Centrifugal Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 12" SP 

Airfoil centrifugal wheel and mixed-flow impellers in axial-flow configuration for high pressure systems and quiet operation.

Inline centifugal Twin City tubular airfoil fan blower and TCF ventilator
Tubeaxial Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 3" SP 

Cast-aluminum airfoil wheels for moderate-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications. Tubeaxial, fans are available in different mounting arrangements to meet a wide range of installation requirements. 

Axial inline blower Twin City tubeaxial fan TCF
Vaneaxial Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 6" SP 

Cast-aluminum wheels with airfoil blades for high-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications. Direct-drive fans feature wheels available at specific blade angles to maximize performance. 

Vaneaxial VA inline axial fan T.C.F. Twin City.

Direct Drive Propeller Fans

Capacities to 50,000 CFM, 1.5" SP 

Exhaust sizes ... available as exhaust or supply fans ... automatic or motorized shutters. 

Wal exhaust propeller fan ventilator

Belt Drive Propeller Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 1 1/4" SP 

Five sizes ... available as exhaust or supply fans ... heavy-duty automatic or motorized shutters. 

Explosion proof fan blower ventilator


Single-Width BI Fans

Capacities to 200,000 CFM, 15" SP 

Complete AMCA Class I, II, III performance ... Efficiencies beyond 80% ... Choice of direct or belt-drive arrangements ... Choice of flat-blade backward-inclined or airfoil  wheels ... 17 sizes: 12" through 85" wheel diameters ... Temperatures to 850 degrees F. 

Inductrial backwardly inclined BI fan ACF.

Double-Width Fans

Capacities to 300,000 CFM, 14" SP 

Double-Width airfoil and forward-curved fans are designed to suit industrial supply and exhaust systems as well as HVAC applications. A wide range of accessories is available for each unique application. Complete AMCA Class I, II, III performance ... Efficiencies beyond 80% ...

Double-inlet double-width industrial BI AF fan blower

Class IV & V Fans

Capacities to 200,000 CFM, 40" SP 

A heavier-duty extension of the Single-Width BI  Fan designs for higher pressure requirements ... choice of two wheels for best efficiency: airfoil for clean, dry airstreams or backward-inclined for moderate amounts of dirt and moisture ... temperatures to 750 degrees F. 

Heavy duty industrial proces Class IV fan blower

Backward-Curved Fans

Capacities to 150,000 CFM, 50" SP 

Unique wheel design for high efficiency with non-overloading horsepower characteristic ... performance curves cover a wide range of narrow-width performance at direct-drive motor speeds ... well-suited to higher horsepowers required for high-pressure performance. 

Industrial force drafdt air fan blower backward inlined

Pressure Blower

Capacities to 20,000 CFM, 125" SP 

Furnished in direct-drive Arrangement 4 with wheel mounted on motor shaft for low-volume, high-pressure process requirements ... aluminum wheels for high efficiency and low noise level ... steel wheel available for temperatures to 650 degree F and light dust conditions ... also available in Arrangements 1, 8, 9 and Arrangement 10 packaged design. 

New York Blower pressure blower fan TBR TBA.

Utility Sets

Capacities to 35,000 CFM, 10"SP 

Arrangement 10 Class I & II packaged design reduces installation costs ... choice of (3) wheel designs: BI, airfoil, backward curved, firward curved ... accessories and modifications include motor cover/belt guard, dampers, backdraft shutters, spark-resistant & explosion-proof construction, heat-fan construction to 650 degrees F., acess door, srain, etc...

Backward inline utility industrial fan set


Industrial Radial-Blade Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 50" SP 

Available with open-radial and radial-curved wheels ... heavy industrial construction for long operating life in high-pressure and material-conveying systems... available in both belt-drive and direct-drive arrangements ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F with optional stainless-steel wheel construction. 

Industrial high pressure radial fan

Packaged Radial Fans

Capacities to 2500 CFM, 15" SP 

Small radial-blade blowers wfor applications ranging from dust to light material handling ... in direct-drive and belt-drive arrangements ... temperatures to 600 degrees F.

New York Blower Compact GI fan blower

Radial-Tip Fans

Capacities to 175,000 CFM, 65" SP 

Radial-tip design for light-to-moderate loading of dust or flakes ... can be modified to handle abrasive particulate ... available in belt-drive and direct-drive arrangements with evase for maximum efficiency ... available with outlet dampers, evases, inlet boxes, and silencers often required in high-pressure applications ...temperatures to 800 degrees F. 

Industrial fan blower F.D. ventilator I.D.



FRP Pressure Blowers

Capacities to 7,000 CFM, 40"SP 

Radial-blade wheel design suitable for chemical-process and air pollution-control systems when corrosion resistance and high static pressures are required ... available in direct-drive and belt-drive arrangements. 

FRP fibeglass fan blower ventilator F.R.P.

FRP BI Fume Exhausters

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 20"SP 

Backwardly inclined wheels for efficient air performance and non-overloading horsepower characteristic ... available in Arrangements 1, 8, 9, and 10, to suit system requirements ... accessories include FRP dampers, reinforcing surface veil construction, explosion-proof, FRP access port & drain, etc...

Fibergalss fan blower ventilator industrial
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Axial FRP Fans

Capacities to 80,000 CFM, 5" SP 

In-line FRP fans, available in medium or high-pressure construction, with various FRP accessories. 

Fiberglas high pressure fan blower


OEM Fan Wheels and Housings

BI, Forward-Curved, Radial, Backward-Curved, Radial-Tip, Airfoil OEM wheels for all industrial applications.  High-temperature constrcution and special alloys are available, as well as housings and diffusers.

Heavy-duty steam Unit Heaters feature exclusive STEELfin coils ... heavy gauge casings, industrial-duty motors, and rugged coil construction for long life in severe-duty applications. 

Replacement industrial fan blower wheels

Plug Fans

Capacities to 100,000 CFM, 20"SP 

Choice of airfoil, BI, radial or axial wheel in Plug Fan configuration to suit industrial oven and dryer applications ... insulated panel protects bearing and motor ... available without insulation for low temperature cabinet units ... temperatures to 2000 degrees F. 

NYB high temperature oven plug fan blower
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Air Kits

Capacities to 90,000 CFM, 6"SP 

Forward-curve wheels in one or two fan, housing, shaft, and bearing combinations ... pre-engineered to suit a wide range of air performance, temperature, and dimensional requirements ... ideal for use in ovens, dryers and paint finishing systems systems ... temperatures to 1000 degrees F. 

Airkit oven circulation air kit fan

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Production of air scrubber blowers, fume collector fans,  positive displacement blowers, Aeroven Blowers, Twin City, NYB fans, blowers & fans repair and rebuild, Lau fans, plug fans ventilators, sheldons fans blowers, cooling fans, FRP ventilators, industrial mancoolers, Cincinnati fans / blowers,  air polution control ventilators, blowers and fan exhaust systems, air make-up fans, air knife pressure blowers, high pressure blowoff fans, burner blowers, combustion process fans, conveyor blow-off fans, air canon fans, dust collector blowers, finishing systems fans, fan exhausters, fume exhaust ventilators, furnace fan blowers, incinerator fans.

Industrial fan and blower engineering; tunnel ventilation; industrial air quality control; high-capacity ventilators; plug fans and air kits; double-width fan and blower; exhaust and supply wall and roof ventilation fans; stainless; special alloy; FRP construction
Explosion proof  backwardly inclined; airfoil; radial and radial-tip fans and blowers.  Pressure blowers; plug fans; air kits; centrifugal and axial ventilatCanada Blower Industrial backward curved (BC) fan blower

Canada Blower SWSI, DWDI, AcF, PLR, BI, BC, AF, ST, Backward Inclined, Aerocline, General Purpose, GP, BL, Limit Load, LL, Buffalo Vent Set, BCV, BCA, BCM, BCS: industrial backward curved blowers are supplied in welded heavy gauge steel construction to prevent flexing at high pressure. Available in direct drive arrangements 4/4V/4H/7/8 and belt drive arrangements 1/3/9/10. Arr. 10 blowers are known as ventilating sets (vent sets). Available in single width single inlet (SWSI), or double width double inlet (DWDI). Capacities: to 500,000 CFM. Static pressure up to 100 inches water gauge depending on the class of construction. Typical class of construction is Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Aluminum wheel, Steel wheel, or Alloy wheel: Canada Blower industrial backward curved (bc) blowers and fans are supplied with aluminum wheel or corten wheel to meet requirements of AMCA A, and AMCA B spark resistant construction. Mild steel wheels are of all welded construction. If higher pressure is required wheel can be furnished of high strenght steel. Stainless steel wheel in 304 SS, 316 SS, 316 SS, 2205 SS are supplied for corrosive applications, or high temeparature applications. The pressure curve remains stable at the top are of the fan curve and to the right of the pick point.

Inlet flanges, outlet flanges, companion flanges: continuosly welded to match ANSI class 125/150, DIN, ISO, or custom hole pattern.

Shaft seal and Canada Blower low leakage construction: shafting is straightened to close tolerance to minimize "run-out" and ensure smooth operation. Teflon shaft seal, ceramic shaft seal and lubricated shaft seals (Buna, Teflon, Viton) are standard. Red silicone gasketing is provided for low leakage construction and for high temperature construction. Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings are standard.

Canada Blower Heat fan construction up to 800 F: includes high temperature paint, shaft cooler, shaft-cooler guard, and steel wheel, or alloy wheel.

Cladding for sound attenuation and silencers: cladding consists of 2 inches mineral-wool insulation covered with a welded steel jacket. As an inexpensive alternative is offered slide-on acoustic cloth jackets. Inlet silencer/outlet silencer are supplied with matching flanges for further attenuation of the noise level.

Inlet filter assemblies: cell type, 1 inch, or 2 inch filters are available with filter cabinet to be mounted at fan inlet. Bird guard, insect screen and weather hood are optional accessories with inlet filter package.

Standard Canada Blower fans accessories: flash / raised access door, inspection port, drain and plug, unitary base, shaft and bearing guard, belt guard, motor cover, spring vibration isolation, rubber-in-share (RIS) vibration isolation, vibrating pads, outlet damper, inlet vane damper, external inlet vane damper, evase, electrical / pneumatic actuators.ors.